Diversity and Inclusion. 


A community is only as good as its culture and building that culture is the responsibility of everyone. Here at DeLand Pride it is our mission to create a community that is more understanding, more supportive, more engaging, and one where all humans are treated as equal.

We are currently developing a comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion Training Program to help communities, organizations, and companies tackle the sometimes complicated and nuanced subjects of diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Now offering Safe Zone Training!


Safe Zone training is an opportunity to learn about LGBTQ+ identities, gender and sexuality, and examine prejudice, assumptions, and privilege. There are several reasons you might want to become Safe Zone Certified.

  • LGBTQ+ folks sometimes question whether they will be safe, welcomed, and supported in a new environment. Displaying Safe Zone stickers and demonstrating you went to a training can communicate to everyone the commitment you’re making to creating LGBTQ-inclusive environments.

  • Safe Zone Training allows people to explore the concepts of sexuality and gender.

  • A Safe Zone training is unique and wonderful because it is a safe place to ask questions, to be vulnerable, and to learn.

There is a pressure to already know how to be LGBTQ+ inclusive and many want to be. Unfortunately they don’t necessarily feel comfortable with the language, with their own level of understanding, and don’t know where to go to learn more. A Safe Zone Trainer can help you create a safe place to learn more about your understanding of LGBTQ+ identity and issues.

To schedule a Safe Zone Training please fill out the form below and someone will contact you to begin the process of creating a Safe Zone in your community.

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