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We have plenty of volunteer opportunities but sometimes we need people to help in a more advanced role. The following are all openings for anyone to join. This page will ONLY post jobs that are currently open. We ask that before you sign up please take into consideration that these are all VOLUNTEER POSITIONS. Once you have looked over the available positions please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you as soon as able. You can also ask any questions if you wish when applying.

Key Skills:

  • Communications skills both verbal and written

  • Basic or intermediate skills in the internet and document programs (Google Docs/Microsoft Office) can be taught

  • Basic math skills

Fundraiser Coordinator

This person coordinates fundraising strategies and is responsible for supporting major fundraising projects which include but is not limited to promotional events, raffles, door-to-door and street collections. They will assist in building long-term relationships with individuals and businesses.


Social Media Administrator

This person shall assist the PR & Marketing Chair in running all social media aspects of DeLand Pride. This includes but not limited to, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, exct.

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